con:cern was conceived during the course of a project realized with a conventional workflow system, suffering heavily from it. The effort necessary to overcome a series of problems and restrictions of the engine was far greater than its benefit. This is not an isolated case, as numerous developers and architects have agreed. Rather, we are faced with a conceptional problem, which is ultimately the reason, why workflow technology has not yielded the results originally anticipated.


The development of con:cern is divided into a bunch of modules with minimal interdependencies, each having independent release cycles.
The model consists of the process model classes and the controller API.
The Controller is the runtime environment. It is responsible for controlling the process flow. It utilizes a relational database for the storage of runtime information. The controller can be deployed as a POJO in a standalone application or webapplication as well as a MBean or Spring FactoryBean.
J2EE Demo
A simple demo process with a wingS frontend. The sources of the demo application are a good basis for own projects.
This module contains a commandline client for interaction with a controller instance.
The modeller is an optional, yet powerful graphical modeling tool for creating process descriptions, which can be transformed into Java source files. Long-term plans include integration into popular IDEs and round-trip engineering.

More modules are planned, like a Swing-UI, a wingS-UI, mail-UI, authentication, authorization and a library of ready-to-use standard activities.


The team currently consists of 2 active developers. We are seeking developers, especially for the realization of the modules mentioned above.

Mailing Lists

There are two mailing lists (subscribe):
concern-users at
For users discussing application-related questions regarding installation, integration, etc.
concern-developers at
For developers discussing development-related topics. Can be an important source of information for users as well.