Documentation Overview

Business Intelligence
Intuitive description of what con:cern is and a comparision to related technology. (german only)
Operation Mode
A technical but simple description of the con:cern with examples. (german only)
EIS Connectivity
Integration of con:cern processes with enterprise information systems. (german only)
Installation / Deployment
Compilation, installation and process deployment on JBoss.
JMX Integration
Configuration and Deployment of the Controller as an MBean.
Spring Integration
Integration and setup with the Spring Framework.
Tools for Adminsitration and development.
User Interface
High level gui framework, that can be used for implementation of user activities.
Process Monitor
Process monitoring and statistics. (german only)
Process Supervisor
Manipulation of subjects at runtime. How to deal with exceptions. (german only)
Definition of Terms
Definition of the terms Workflow, Process, Activity, ...